• About Arabic Learner Academy

    Allah has revealed the Quran, His final revelation, and the greatest source of guidance in Arabic language. He has chosen this language for us so we should make an effort to learn and master it.

    Keeping this objective in mind we bring you an exciting and analytical way of learning Arabic so that it can be understood by all levels be it a beginner or advance.

    The course is designed and taught by Brother Rizwan Khan and the primary sources are the Madinah Arabic books written by Dr. V. AbdurRaheem.

    About Instructor

    Rizwan Khan has been a student of knowledge for the last 20 years. His love of Arabic, with the intention of understanding Qur'an from its native language, led him to study it under many teachers. An engineer by profession, he uses his analytical approach of teaching Arabic, by making it more interactive and engaging for all levels.

Available courses

Course image Madinah Arabic Book - 2
Duroos Al-Lughat Al-Arabiyyah
  • This course will begin from the 8th of September 2021
  • The Language of Instruction is English
  • Enrollment for the course is open now 
  • Links for the class and resources will be available upon enrollment

Course image Madinah Arabic Book - 1
Duroos Al-Lughat Al-Arabiyyah
  • The course is now over but you can still enroll
  • Recordings of the classes and resources will be available upon enrollment
  • The language of instruction is English